For 12 years I wanted my own restaurant...

I opened this shop because I love food. For the past 12 years I've been working in the food industry. Then I opened a small coffee shop. And now this, my very own restaurant.

I am always in the kitchen in the shop (come say hello!), cleaning, cooking and trying to invent Scottish-inspired twists to Middle-Eastern food. So come and try the 'Gourmet Shahlik Shawrma' and tell me how you like it!

Philosophy Of Food At Pasha Glasgow

As someone who loves food, I was sick and tired of the sameness of the food across Scotland. There are hundreds of shops that sell the same Shawarma and Kebab. I wanted to make something exciting.

In the kitchen I was always mixing food from different cultures and trying it out on friends. The most successful inventions were Middle-Eastern food that has twists from other cultures. People loved my Peri-Peri Shawarma.

This is how the idea for the shop was born. All my signature dishes are a marriage between cultures. Some of the marriages don’t work, but the ones that do are loved by the regulars and newcomers who come into the store.

Award-Winning 2017

Best Meals in Glasgow 2017

We take immense pride in the food our shop makes, which is why we are so proud the shop was voted the 'Best Multi-Cuisine in Scotland 2017' at the Dine-In Awards.

This was achieved by only buying the best ingredients, keeping the shop at the highest hygiene levels, innovating with food and consistently delivering quality food, any time of day.

Why our food tastes better.

As well as good chefs, and good ingredients, we go above and beyond by doing the following:

  • The chicken and lamb shawarma are made in the morning and only sold that day - We do not store anything overnight
  • We buy our lamb mince meat daily - as opposed to twice a week
  • We act fast, our meat is direct from a local butcher using Scottish prime lamb, beef and chicken - none of our meet is frozen which reduces freshness and removes taste 
  • All vegetables and salad are cut and washes three times a day - as opposed to just once in the morning and storing it in the fridge
  • Chicken shish, wings, tikka, lamb chops, lamb shish are marinated for 24 hours straight and made to order - We do not precook and microwave
  • We have an open kitchen, so customers can see the entire cooking process
  • Pizza dough is made in-house on a daily basis, and we use fine gold corn meal, prepared on a stainless steel table, all done by hand - None of our dough is frozen
  • Our Falafel is made to order - it is not premade and microwaved
  • Our Hummus is made on a daily basis, chickpeas are boiled in the morning to make sure they are fresh and creamy feel - We do not store our Hummus overnight
  • Taboula is made on a daily basis, the parsley is selected by the chef himself
  • Our Lamb Shanks gets slow cooked for 8 hours on a daily basis