5 awards and nominations in 2017/2018

We are proud that are unique fusion of tastes, and our decicated effort to serve the freshest food possible has been recognised!

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Close up Lamb Shawarma Pasha Glasgow

The Classic Lamb Shawarma.

Roasted pieces of lamb that has been marinated perfectly to taste incredible.

The Lamb Shashlik option comes with Lamb fillet marinated in olive oil, lemon juice & spices. Served with roast mushroom, onion & peppers.

We select the best cuts of meat and vegetables for our Gourmet dishes.

Gourment Cheesy Shawama Pasha Glasgow Halal

Peri-Peri Shawarma

This one is for those who love spice in their food.  Peri-Peri sauce, jalapenos and cheese are added to the freshly cut chicken shawarma, then wrapped in saj bread.

The shawarma is then lightly toasted to keep bread soft and fluffy so it maintains its natural spicy flavour.

The Peri-Peri is made in-house to achieve a unique texture that works well with Shawarma.

We select the best cuts of meat and vegetables for our Gourmet dishes.

Glasgow Food Geek Falafel Starter Platter

The Starter Falafel Platter (Vegan, Gluten-free)

This one is a favourite of our regular customers. It is made up of Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ghanough and a salad. It is served with bread or rice.

This dish is ordered as both a starter and a main dish (and is very popular with Instagramers)

We select the best cuts vegetables for all our dishes.

Gourment Cheesy Shawama Pasha Glasgow

Gourmet Cheesy Shawarma With Saj Bread

This one is made for cheese lovers. A chicken shawarma wrap stuffed with double portions of mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and fries.

We specifically use our light saj bread so when we toast it on the grill (a litter longer than usual) it allows  the mozzarella to melt just right to give the shawarma a very smooth texture.

We select the best cuts of meat and vegetables for our Gourmet dishes.

Watch the video here!

Peri Peri Shawarma Pasha Glasgow iii

Gourmet Shawarna Shashlik

The Chef's favourite. This is wrap where we up our game by adding barbecued vegetables.

Chicken or lamb shawarma is stuffed with freshly barbecued vegetables then wrapped in saj bread and toasted on the grill.

The mixture of barbecued vegetables gives the shawarma a unique mouthwatering taste and texture.

We select the best cuts of meat and vegetables for our Gourmet dishes.

Calzone Chicken Shawarma Pasha Glasgow

Calzone Chicken Shawarma

This unique fusion between Italian and Middle-Eastern culture is mouth-watering.

Cheese, freshly cut chicken Shawarma, tomato, basil, and spices are placed on Calzone dough (made fresh every day). The Calzone is then folded, flipped and put in the oven.

Halfway through, the Calzone is taken out topped up with sauce, species and cheesy and placed back in the oven. This maximises taste.

This is truly a unique taste.

Best Kebab in Glasgow Mixed Grill For Two

Classic Jumbo Mixed Grill

The Classic.

The finest selection of chicken and lamb is selected and barbecued on quality charcoal.

The chicken is left to marinate for 24 hours straight and never frozen.

The Kofta is 100% lamb shoulder mince (not the cheaper and less flavoursome lamb ribs).

The meat is then seasoned with a unique blend created in-house to bring outs its best flavours.

Close up Hummus Pasha Glasgow

Incredible Hummus Dishes

Freshly made Hummus.

This is has now become a must for all our customers. Once they taste our Hummus they order it for everything!

There are great options to chose from. Hummus with Olive Oil or Beetroot or Spicy Hummus.

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